Oct 30, 2010

Joseph smith's motivations were pure -1

Reasons to agree
  1. Joseph worked his whole life in menial labor trying to build up the kingdom of God.
  2. Joseph's wife stayed married to him.
  3. Many people stayed loyal to him.
  4. Joseph tried to build a zion-like society, and paid respect to grace, and virtue.
  5. Joseph bought a slave his freedom.
  1. Joseph seemed to like power. -1
  2. Joseph tried to form a bank, perhaps he was trying to get rich.
  3. Joseph seems to have introduced polygamy as a way to increase his sex partners.
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1 comment:

  1. The Book of Mormon reports that Jesus caused many cities in America to be destroyed with all their inhabitants. He then descended out of the clouds and appeared to the people living on the American continent. Accordingly, he also established his church in America (Mormon 3:19) where he picked out twelve more apostles (twelve in Israel and twelve in America for a new total of 24).

    According to Mormonism, both of Christ's churches ended in utter failure (total apostasy). Jesus was not able to keep his church going and this is why Joseph Smith was called to restore the true church again upon this earth (Pearl of Great Price - Joseph Smith History 1:19). This is also why Joseph boasted that he did a greater work than even Jesus did (History of the Church Vol. 6, pp. 408-409).

    One would have thought that one of pure motivations would have been humble, or at least not raise oneself above a God.