Nov 14, 2010

Database of ideas

We should tag every belief with a code. Then we tag other beliefs as reasons to agree or disagree.

Perhaps each belief would get a numeric code in a database, such as 101. Reasons to agree would be number sequentially, like 101a1, 101a2, etc. Reasons to disagree would be labeled 101d1, 101d2, etc.

Reasons to agree with 101a1 would be labeled 101a1a1, and so on.

This way the database could, with some very simple code count the number of reasons to agree or disagree with each idea.

I am looking for help developing an SQL and PHP database. It would create a post for each conclusion, and post reasons to agree and disagree in separate columns.

Here is a Google Code project I created for this:

Check it out for a better explanation.

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