Nov 14, 2010

The names in the Book of Mormon are suspiciously close to the names of Towns around where Joseph Smith grew up

Reasons to agree
  1. There is a Lehigh County, Pennsylvania which is suspiciously close to the name Lehi in the Book of Mormon (-1).
Reasons to disagree
  1. In order to determine this you would have to sit down with a list of Book of Mormon names, and an accurate list of names around Joseph Smith in his time. Some of the list on Anti-Mormon websites have names of cities that were not even settled yet in Book of Mormon times. So you would have to establish that a neutral party is examining the names, and then you would have to determine the probability that the names in the Book of Mormon were not created from towns surrounding Joseph Smith. Even if you did this, you would only generate a probability that Joseph Smith would have generated those names from actual ancient Nephite Laminite names, and it wouldn't really prove very much, but would have to be taken into consideration with other probabilities that Joseph Smith was inspired...
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