Nov 14, 2010

We should only participate in discussion groups with members with diverse opinions.

Reasons to agree
  1. If everybody thinks the same way, someone isn't thinking.
  1. The typical debate forum is not set up in such a format that it makes examining truth claims to be a very productive experience.
  2. When you get to forums in which real debate is taking place, people get caught up in all the tedious personal attacks, accusations, oversimplification, and false logic that is typical of modern debate. It is a waste of time just hanging out with people that you already agree with, but it can often be a greater waste of time to try to participate in a meaningful debate in the typical online forum.
# of reasons to agree: 1
# of reasons to disagree: -2
# of reasons to agree with reasons to agree: 0
# of reasons to disagree with reasons to agree: 0
Total Idea Score: -1

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