Apr 17, 2011

All things are done by common consent in the LDS church

  1. The church has to vote to have things included as doctrine. ie the 1979 addition to the D&C about the black and the preisthood.
  1.  The brothern tell us how things are, and we either have to do it or leave. 
  2. When I hear the words "by common consent" I think of everyone voting. Nothing like this has ever happened in the Church. 
  3. One or two "votes" in a period of 150 years of history of the Church History doesn't qualify for "ALL things being done by common consent". The Church really could do all things by common consent, now that we have the internet. Should we have built the new mall in salt lake? Should women get the priesthood? Should Bishops have to have a degree in theology? Should we have gay marriage? Does anyone know if the website "by common consent" actually advocates restructuring the way decisions are made, or do they just want individuals to pay more attention to the wise decisions of our superiors? 
Scriptures that agree
  1. all things shall be done by common consent in the church, by much prayer and faith, for all things you shall receive by faith.
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