Apr 16, 2011

Educational material prepaired by the LDS church for potential converts should address negative aspects of the Church's history

Reasons to agree
  1. Churches should not tell a sanitized version of their history. 
  2. The ends do not Justify the means.
  3. If the Church is beautiful, people should be able to recognize its beauty without liposuction, implants, or masks. If the Church has warts, it should accept them, like Cindy Crawford did.  Beuty is in the eye of the behold. Churches shouldn't try to change their past, they should just be honest about it and move forward. 
  1. All complete stories are too long. Everyone has to pick and chose which stories to tell, and people with faith are going to pick the faith promoting aspects of history. Mormons know that Anti Mormons are going to tell all the negative aspects. If anyone is going to tell the positive story, the only people to do it is the Mormons. Mormons believe that not being a Member leads to more sin and suffering in the world, and so they justify themselves, which makes sense from that perspective. 
  2. It is OK for Churches to tell a sanitized version of their history. Everyone has their bias, and so when you hear someone from a Church you know they are going to be telling a biased version of history. 
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