Apr 22, 2011

It is wrong for LDS church leaders to tell their members to find their testimony in the bearing of it +3

  1. "The oblique paradox of propaganda is that the lie in the throat becomes, by repetition, the truth in the heart". ~ John Grierson
  2. It is wrong to lie. 
  3. The True to the Faith Pamphlet given to every young person in the Church, says the following: "Your testimony will increase as you share it. Do not wait for your testimony to be fully developed before you share it. Part of a testimony’s development comes when it is shared. In fact, you will find that when you give what you have of your testimony, it will be returned to you—with increase." THIS IS TELLING KIDS TO LIE. TO SAY THEY KNOW THE CHURCH IS TRUE, BEFORE THEY REALLY DO!
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