Apr 21, 2011

(2) The LDS church creates psychology problems in the lives of its members

  1. Many people in the LDS church feel guilt when they do not keep all the commandments. None of them sound too bad by themselves but the list complete list is impossible. For any of the The Church will say "look at all that Jesus did for you, and you can't even do x". But that trump card doesn't lead to good lives. We don't all have to be a martyrs. You shouldn't sacrifice your life for a Church that is not going to sacrifice for you. But the church doesn't addresses the thorny issues of its past, apologizes for them, or fixes them. The LDS church tells its member to do all the things other Christians do plus:
    1. Striving for earthly perfection
    2. Genealogy
    3. Temple Work
    4. Having lots of Children
    5. Home teaching
    6. Visiting Teaching
    7. Giving Talks in Church
    8. Church callings including bishopric, teaching classes, Sunday schools, etc
  2. Telling people that Masturbation is wrong, creates guilt for a normal behavior, and guilt often leads to addiction, and perversion. 
  3. The LDS church does not work well for people with social anxiety. 
  1.  The LDS Church works well for people that fit into the culture. 
  2. People in Utah seem pretty happy

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