Apr 22, 2011

The LDS Church is still doing bad things that God's church wouldn't do. (+7)

  1. The LDS church is wrong to use uses logical fallacies to keep people in the Church
  2. The LDS Church plays mind games with people by telling them to bear their testimony of things that they don't believe, as a way to find out that what they said is true(+1) 
  3. The LDS Church supports an unhealthy black and white view of the world. (+3)
  4. Fast and Testimony Meetings are bad. +11
  5. The LDS Church is too Chauvinistic
  6. God would not want a church to convert people with half-truths or omissions. +8
  7. The LDS church emphasizes genealogy too much+3
  8. It is Chauvinistic to tell women that their place is in the home as Moms.+1
  9. The LDS focus on white shirts is cult like. +1
  10. It is wrong of the LDS church to promote bad logic.
  11. The LDS Church supports a black and white view that everyone who is not with the Church is an enemy of Good. 
  12. The LDS Church makes gay people feel like 2nd class citizens. 
  13. The Church makes every Member lie every Sunday when they "witness unto thee, O God, the Eternal Father, that they do always remember him". Members lie because they do not "always remember Jesus". 
  14. The LDS Church is harmful to good Young Men who don't feel like telling other people what to believe. I went on a mission, which was fine for me, but if my son doesn't go on one I know he will be made to feel like a second class citizen in the Church. 
  15. It is wrong for the LDS church to be taking large sums of money 
  1. All Churches do bad some bad things. 
  2. One Church can't be everything to all people. 
  3. A better criticism would be to try to make the argument that the LDS Church does more bad than good.
  4. LDS missions force young men to care about other people, pray about them, and try to get in their shoes. 
# of reasons to agree: 16
# of reasons to disagree: -4
# of reasons to agree with reasons to agree: 22
# of reasons to disagree with reasons to agree: 0
Total Idea Score: 32

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