Apr 26, 2011

The LDS Church should move beyond apologetics.

  1. LDS apologetics don't work.
  1.  If the LDS Church doesn't defend themselves intellectually, then no one will.
  2. It is possible for LDS scholars to present the LDS perspective while also being completely faithful to the truth.
  3. LDS apologetics do work (see contrading claim above).
  4. The term "biased apologetics" is an oxymoron. Apologetics is the discipline of defending a position  through the SYSTEMATIC use of reason. If an apologetic essay is "biased" it is not "systematic", as a systematic approach would address all aspects of an argument and not favor a biased perspective.

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Conclusion: The important remaining question is which attempts at apologetic really use a systematic use of reason, and which ones try to confuse the reader.

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