May 15, 2011

DNA analysis proves that Native Americans are not descendants of Israel

  1. Genetic markers can accurately indicate the ethnic background and history of individual people. Scientist have checked the genetic markers of all living native Americans, non of which carry markers consistent with people from the middle east. Markers of Native Americans indicate that they are descendants of people anciently associated with the Altay Mountains area of central Asia.
  2. A God that changes DNA to hide evidence of a book that we should listen to, is not a God of Truth. A God who lies is not worthy of worship, and would sease to be God
  1. God could have changed the DNA of native Americans to test the faith of Mormons.
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# of reasons to disagree: -1
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  1. Promoting their book ( Simon G. Southerton)
  2. Promoting the truth
  1. Promoting their career (Apologist)
  2. Promoting the truth
Common Interest
  1. Promoting the truth
Opposing Interest
  1.  Promoting the truth
  2. Promoting the Church
  3. Promoting gospel narratives that don't seem to contradict scientific based world views

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