May 7, 2011

There are so many problems with the Book of Mormon that you should disregard spiritual feeling you think you have when reading it

  1. Spiritual feelings, if no stronger than feelings you get when watching Pixar movies, should not over-rule logic. 
  2. Real spiritual guidance should not be ignored, but most Mormons report no more than mild warm and fuzzies when reading the book of Mormon, but often squirm when reading some of the embarrassing parts of the book. Those feelings of embarrassment are just as valid as feelings of enlightenment.
  3.  Of course, you should not disregard real spiritual answers, but you should be aware of confirmation bias, and ensure that spiritual guidance you receive is of a different nature than spiritual confirmation others receive to stay in their religions. 
  1. The Book of Mormon has many inspiring quotes. 
  2. The Book of Mormon has many inspiring stories.

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