Aug 21, 2011

Polygamy leaves some men with no women to marry +3

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  1. When one man marries two women, some other man marries no woman. When one man marries three women, two other men don't marry. When one man marries four women, three other men don't marry. Monogamy gives everyone a shot at marriage. Polygyny, by contrast, is a zero-sum game that skews the marriage market so that some men marry at the expense of others.China and India have a lot of sex-selective abortion, leaving more men than women. 
  2. We already have too many unmarried men. China and India have some sex-selective abortion and infanticide, leaving too many men. 
  3. By the year 2020 extra men will make up 12 to 15 percent of the young adult male population in China and India. 
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