Jan 29, 2012

If the church is wrong, people waste a lot of time on the Mormon church

Reasons to agree
  1. Mormons spend 3 hours on Sunday in a church. They could be having fun instead. They could be water skiing, hanging out with people that they choose, doing things with family.
  2. Mormon missionaries waste two of their best years on a mission.
  3. At the Mormon church you hear the same things over and over again. People can't help it. They raise their hands, and you hear the fist word out of their mouth, and you know exactly what they are going to say...
  4. It is true that time spent is service is not wasted, but not much time in the Mormon church could be considered true service from a secular perspective... Building up the kingdom of god, presupposes it truly is the kingdom of God... Sure visiting the lonely is good, but most meetings are all spent trying to get people baptized, going to their meetings, and things that have not eternal consequence unless the Chruch is 100% true, or mostly true. 
Reasons to agree
  1. Waste is loaded word. Sure, if the church is wrong, people do waste a lot of time.

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