Jan 8, 2012

It was petty of God to send bears to kill youths that made fun of Elijah: Score -3

  1. You can believe that the Old Testament was mostly inspired, but not believe every story. 
  2. Short stories don't tell every detail. You shouldn't judge the God of the Old Testament from one short story without knowing all the detail. It is better to focus on all the stories, and try to get a general direction.
  3. This story was probably exaggerated over the years, so that it no longer relates what really happened. The moral is to not make fun of religious leaders, but well intended translators over the years probably oversimplified the story, so that the story sounds unjust to our more sensitive ears. 
        R2D(-): 3       R2AD(-): 0       R2DD(+): 0        Total Score: -3

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