Oct 28, 2012

The LDS church is cult-like

Reasons to agree
  1. The church used to have you promise to slit your throat, if you broke your covenants. This is pretty messed up. 
Reasons to disagree
  1.  There are some people with strong opinions within the church, that don't agree with those around them, and don't care what the leaders say. 
  2. The church no longer has you make weird life or death promises. 
  3. Mormons believe in Christ. The same Christ of the New Testament. They accept the new testament. They try to live the teachings of Jesus. 
  4. Calling Mormons a cult is an insult to Mormons, and those who love Mormons. It is a way of dismissing them, and saying they are not real people that cry, live, and love, and die. 
  5. My mother is a Mormon. She is the best person whom I have ever known. When you say Mormons are members of a cult, and you are insulting her, and I want to knock your block off. 
  6. When you call people a member of a cult, you are trying to say that they are bad people. 
  7. Yes, their have always been wierd things about the Church that bothered people, but you can't just focus on these things, and say everyone who is a member is weird. These members also had problems, but they looked at the whole picture, and came down on the side that the good outweighted the bad. Every Church has some wierd stuff. Perhaps not as bad as Mormons, but you have to admit that the Mormons have some good stuff that non-Mormons don't have. It is wrong to only focus on the bad, and then say they are a cult. You have to look at the good also, if you want to be considered fair. 
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