Nov 2, 2012

If it difficult or impossible to separate personal psychological needs from external God directed feelings

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  1. People who were raised in the church are going to have good feelings when thinking about staying in the church their parents friends, and family are in. These feelings naturally arise from friends, family, and tradition; independently of the truthfulness of the church. When you add in the confirmation bias, fear of change, and a desire to have answers and purpose in life, it is a wonder that anyone ever leaves. 
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  1. Some people (my Grandma included) say they have visions having to do with genealogy, temple work, etc. Many (or some) of these people are good normal, sane, god loving people. Many of the people who joined the church seem to have more than just a small burning in the bosom that can be easily explained by the confirmation bias... And then it can all come back to emotional choice of who you more self identify with...  Who you think is "your" people 

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