Mormon Women

Pesident Heber J. Grant wrote to a mission president in 1928 that there was "no rule in the Church" that only priesthood bearers could carry the sacrament to the congregation after it was blessed. 28 June 1928, Heber J Grant Letterbook, LDS Archives

Early Mormon Prophets and their Young Brides: Joseph Smith was 37 when he married Helen Mar Kimball who was 14. Brigham Young was 45 when he married Lucy Bigelow who was 16. John Taylor was 78 when he married Josephine Elizabeth Roueche who was 26. WIlford Woodruff  was 46 when he married Emma Smoot who was 15. Joseph F Smith was 28 when he married Julina Lambson who was 17.   
Joseph and Hyrums mother, Lucy Mack Smith, was told by their uncle, John Smith, on Nov 29, 1844; "Tho art... a lawful heir to the priesthood which was sealed upon the head of Ephriam." ~Patriarchal Blessing of Lucy Mack Smith
On April 8, 1842 Joseph Smith wrote that he "gave a lecture on the priesthood showing how the Sisters would come in possession of the privileges & Blessings & gifts of the priesthood"

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