Videos as reasons to agree or disagree

I believe we can design online forums that promote good debate.

In order to have a good debate we need to bring all the stuff that supports a belief and that opposes a belief together to the same page. No one seems to understand that It doesn't prove anything if you make a good argument, but ignore those that disagree with you.

So my forums will have videos that agree with a conclusion, and videos that disagree. Each video will get a rank that takes into account the number of views, and user evaluations of the video (that include evaluation of accuracy, and assessment of the video of using logical fallacies, etc). These will result in a score for the video. But the relationship will also need a separate score. The relationship score will evaluate if the video actually supports the conclusion.

For instance Schindler's List might get a good score, but it's strength could be used to support many different beliefs, with many different relationship scores. For instance it might support the belief that some Germans tried to help Jews, that the holocaust was real, etc. Each of these relationships would be argued with their own page, including reasons to agree and disagree with each conclusion.

Each movie submittal would include the belief that it supports or opposes a specific conclusion. You would click on a link to argue in support or opposition to each relationship.

On my website most of my videos will be submitted to support non controversial topics surrounding family life.

Visit one of my other pages to see how videos can be used to support or oppose different conclusions.